Quickly built multi-purpose premises

Affordable and high quality quickly built buildings for agriculture, factories and personnel in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Hangars are hoop structures, assembled from structural steel with a tarp cover. Agro-Soyuz Holding has a 10-year experience of production and selling of hangars.

Agro-Soyuz offers:

  • Design of hangars
  • Delivery and assembly of hangars
  • Consultation services on hangar installation

Agro-Soyuz’s hangars can be used as:

  • Agricultural and watch-based operations.
  • Wide hangars — as a storage for aviation and military machinery.
  • Sports structures — tennis courts, show rings, gyms, pools, arenas, skating rinks, sports complexes.
  • Service stations for cars, garages, parking, firefighting depots;
  • Exhibition halls, multi-purpose rooms with open space (cinemas, entertainment centers), sheds, market places.
  • Warehouses, warehouse centers, storages (terminals, port buildings, storage on pallets).
  • Factory buildings and manufacturing facilities (including food production units), workshops (with beam cranes and other lifting equipment) and factories. Expansion of existing facilities.
  • Administrative and office premises.

You can order a tarp-covered hangar of any width and length and in standard sizes: width 11.6 m, 17 m, 22 m, 32m.

A customer can select color of the outer side of the tarp, inner side is white.

Advantages of hangars compared with permanent buildings:

  • 3-4-fold reduction of construction time. Due to the carcass’s low weight, preparation of foundation for the structure is simple. Delivery of component parts and assembly is performed by our specialists within the shortest possible time;
  • The structure is simple and universal, mobile and air-tight. The structure provides the necessary stiffness and reliability during exploitation;
  • The tarp reduces the amount of metal in the structure and allows maximum use of natural lighting.

Ramp carts

The Production Enterprise «Agro-Soyuz» manufactures also equipment for livestock farms:

  • Feeders
  • Water troughs
  • Ramp carts
  • Stalls
  • Storage racks.