Seeding complexes

Agro-Soyuz seeding complexes

Production Enterprise Agro-Soyuz manufactures seeding complexes, designed for conservation agriculture.

Direct seeding into crop residues causes minimum soil disturbance, prevents erosion and reduces water loss. When manufacturing this type of machinery, we implement the experience of global manufacturers of innovative agricultural equipment and consider requirements of modern agricultural producer.

All our machines are tested at Agro-Soyuz Holding’s Model agricultural enterprise before serial production. We’ve experimentally found that the type of a seeding slot is an important factor in achieving quality seeding under No-Till technology and thus, higher yield. Depending on climatic conditions, farmers can use direct seeding drills with different types of openers, i.e. shank openers, disc openers and a combination of both.

Agro-Soyuz manufactures the following seeding complexes:

  • Double-disc drill «Agro-Soyuz FM3090» (used for grain crops and row crops).
  • Wide-cut seeding complexes «Agro-Soyuz ATD»
  • Wide-cut seeding complex «Agro-Soyuz Turbosem II»
  • Grain drill «Agro-Soyuz MD 19»