Other businesses

Other businesses of model agricultural enterprise Agro-Soyuz:

— Since 2005, Agro-Soyuz breeds honey-bees and leaf-cutting bees. The main objective is to pollinate crops. Due to pollination of alfalfa by leaf-cutting bees, its yield can double or triple.

Sheep breeding farm

— Pheasant breeding farm was set up into operation in 2003. Its main objective is to restore the number of pheasants at the enterprise’s grounds; supply of products to other companies: hunting entities, forestry enterprises, etc. On customer’s order we can supply pre-cooled or frozen pheasant carcasses in vacuum packing or without it.

— Sheep breeding farm, where Charollais sheep are housed exists since 2007. The main objective is to create a breeding center of Charollais sheep and to supply meat in carcasses on order. Charollais are high producing fine-fleece sheep, which have a remarkable quality of meat.

— A Zoo, includes eland, Dama dama, moufflon, lama, pony and wild boars. A program to restore the population of Dama dama and wild boars in the region is implemented in the zoo.